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Jung, J. - H. (2012). Study on improvement of three-dimensional displays based on multi-view display and pinhole-type integral imaging. School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University.Abstract
This dissertation presents studies on improvement of three-dimensional (3D) displays based on multi-view display and pinhole-type integral imaging. Among various types of 3D displays, integral imaging and multi-view display such as parallax barrier and lenticular 3D display are almost commercialized autostereoscopic 3D display. For commercialization, autostereoscopic 3D display has three issues that are limitation of display technology, human factors related on human visual system and optical information processing technology. In this dissertation, the author will address the studies about the improvement methods for multi-view display and pinhole-type integral imaging in three issues. In the issue of display technology, the improvement methods of pinhole-type integral imaging using electroluminescent (EL) film and color filters on display panel are proposed to enhance the viewing angle, resolution, ray density and two-dimensional (2D)/3D convertibility. For large expressible depth range and 2D/3D convertibility in pinhole-type integral imaging, pinhole-type integral imaging is modified by new light source conversion layer based on EL film. The EL film has the advantage that it can operate continuously even when it is cut or punctured. Using this characteristic, the author generates an array of pinholes on an EL film to form a point light source array for reconstructing 3D images based on integral imaging. Taking advantage of the flexibility of EL films, a 2D/3D convertible integral imaging system with a wide viewing angle using a curved EL film is proposed which is extended to 360-degree viewable cylindrical 3D display system. For enhancement of ray density, resolution and expressible depth range in pinhole-type integral imaging, the system using color filter pinhole array on liquid crystal display panel with projection scheme is proposed. A color filter structure on liquid crystal display panel acts as pinhole array in integral imaging with separation of color channel. The use of color filter pinhole array and projection scheme can enlarge the region of one-elemental image and improve the resolution and ray density remarkably. In addition to the improvement of pinhole-type integral imaging, analysis and convergence of multi-view display and one-dimensional (1D) integral imaging are presented for improvement of characteristics in autostereoscopic display. For the convergence of two different autostereoscopic 3D display, multi-view display and integral imaging, light field analysis of spatio-angular distribution and its frequency domain analysis are performed. From the analysis, the convergence type of autostereoscopic 3D display based on multi-view display and 1D integral imaging is proposed by using time-multiplexing and sub-pixel multiplexing technique. On another issue in autostereoscopic 3D display, the depth resolution and accommodation response of human factors in multi-view display and integral imaging are researched. To find the effect of fundamental depth resolution and cardboard effect to the perceived depth resolution in multi-view display, the fundamental depth resolution and the cardboard effect from the synthesis process in the multi-view 3D TV broadcasting are analyzed and a subjective test is performed. In addition, the analysis and measurement of accommodation response of integral imaging with satisfying super multi-view display is performed to reveal the relation between the accommodation response of integral imaging and super multi-view condition. On the other issue of autostereoscopic 3D display, the optical information processing from elemental image and multi-view images in depth extraction and computational pickup method without pseudoscopic problem is presented. A more accurate depth extraction algorithm using optical flow from sub-images of elemental image is proposed and its applications are also presented in this dissertation.