Publications by Year: 2007

Kim, Y., Kim, J., Kang, J. - M., Jung, J. - H., & Lee, B. (2007). Improved viewing resolution of three-dimensional integral imaging using pinhole array on LC panel. Proc. SPIE. 6778, Three-Dimensional TV, Video, and Display VI. Publisher's Version
Kim, Y., Jung, J. - H., Kang, J. - M., Kim, Y., Lee, B., & Javidi, B. (2007). Resolution-enhanced three-dimensional integral imaging using double display devices. Lasers and Electro-Optics Society, 2007. LEOS 2007. The 20th Annual Meeting of the IEEE.
Kim, Y., Kim, J., Kang, J. - M., Jung, J. - H., Choi, H., & Lee, B. (2007). Point light source integral imaging with improved resolution and viewing angle by the use of electrically movable pinhole array. Opt. Express , 15, 18253–18267 . OSA. Publisher's VersionAbstract
A resolution and viewing-angle enhanced integral imaging system using electrically movable pinhole array is proposed. A pinhole array on liquid crystal is adopted as dynamic pinhole array in integral imaging. The location of the pinhole array is controlled electrically. The pinhole array is expected to be moved fast enough to make an after-image effect, and the corresponding elemental images are displayed synchronously without reducing the 3D viewing aspect of the reconstructed image. With the proposed technique, the resolution and the viewing angle can be improved remarkably, and the upper resolution limit imposed by the Nyquist sampling theorem is overcome. The explanation of the proposed system is provided and the experimental results are also presented.