Kim, Jaeho and Andy Wu. "Extending the role of headquarters beyond the firm boundary: Entrepreneurial alliance innovation." Journal of Organization Design 8 (2019): 1–35

- Presented at the 79th Annual Meeting of Academy of Management, Boston, MA (August 2019)


Papers Under Review

“Proximity and Innovation: Are Closer Inventors More Productive?” with Hongyu Xiao (Wharton) and Andy Wu (HBS)

"Educational Equality in Massachusetts: School Finance Reform and Tax and Expenditure Limitations" with Jeffrey Zabel and Thomas Downes (Tufts)

- Presented at the Association for Education Finance and Policy 44th Annual Conference, Kansas City, MO (March 2019)


Work in progress

“David and Goliath in Trade Secrets War” with Vikas Aggarwal (INSEAD) and Andy Wu (HBS)

“Product Market Segregation” with Rembrand Koning (HBS)