Research Team

Mohammad Jalali ('MJ'), PhD 
Assistant Professor

Erin Stringfellow, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Gian-Gabriel Garcia, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Elizabeth Beaulieu, PhD candidate 
Research Associate

Celia Stafford, MPH
Research Associate

Catherine DiGennaro, BA
Research Associate

Ava Connolly
Research Assistant, undergraduate student at Harvard

Bhav Jain 
Intern, undergraduate student at MIT

Elizabeth Mason 
Intern, undergraduate student at Wellesley College

Marichi Gupta
Intern, undergraduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill

Nicole Poellinger
Practicum, MPH student at Boston University

Colleen Conger 
Intern, undergraduate student at Cornell

Emily Pham 
Intern, undergraduate student at Berkeley

Hannah Holmlund 
Practicum, MPH student at Boston University

Lindsay Wang
Intern, undergraduate student at Tufts University

Jaden Wood 
Intern, undergraduate student at Wellesley College

Jillian Rochelle 
Intern, undergraduate student at Northwestern 

Setareh Parvaresh, BA 
Intern, Johns Hopkins University

Genevieve Deveaux 
Intern, undergraduate student at George Washington University

Emily Allardi 
Intern, undergraduate student at Middlebury College

Aditya Bansal
Intern, undergraduate student at The Indian Institute of Technology

Yael Kohen 
Intern, undergraduate student at Tufts University

Atharv Oak
Intern, undergraduate student at MIT


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Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Research Assistant/Intern


NIH K-award mentees: 

Dr. Collette N. Ncube (awarded in 2020)
Institute for Health Equity and Social Justice Research, Northeastern University

Dr. Larissa Calancie (application in progress)
Research Assistant Professor, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University


Other mentees:

Dr. Andrijana Horvat (awarded by the Dutch Research Council, 2020)
Wageningen University & Research



Dr. Vahab Vahdatzad
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (mentor: Dr. Carrie C. Lubitz)

Tse Yang Lim
Ph.D. Candidate, MIT Sloan



Danny (Onsung) Lee

Tessa Archibald

Yikang Qi (visiting PhD candidate from China)

Hongjin Xu Practicum, MPH

Amy Michals, MPH

Maike Bruckes, PhD (visiting researcher from Germany)

Yuan Yuan (visiting PhD candidate from China)