Students Requesting Recommendation Letters

Choosing me as a reference:

I am happy to write letters of recommendation for students who did well in one of my courses, worked with me as a teaching fellow or research assistant, or have me as an advisor or committee member. In general, a recommendation letter should be written by someone who knows you and your work well. Make sure that I am the right person to write your letter. I will tell you if I cannot write you a strong letter.

Requesting the letter:

Please email me at least three weeks before the submission deadline. Your email must include the deadline date and submission method, i.e., print or electronic. Include the following in the body of your email or as an attachement:   

  • a brief description & hyperlink to the fellowship, grant, or job you are applying for, including specific instructions for recommendation letters, if any
  • current curriculum vitae
  • a terse memo describing how long I have known you and in what capacity, as well as your accomplishments and/or other relevant information 
  • the personal statement and/or proposal you are submitting as part of your application

Follow-up communication:

Please email a reminder email one week before the deadline with delivery instructions. If a signed, secure print copy is required, the letter will be left with Faculty Coordinator Anne Blevins in Larsen 707.