Welcome! I am Assistant Professor in the departments of Public Administration and Policy and Political Science at the University of Georgia. I am also a faculty affiliate at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence.  For the 2017-2018 academic year I was visiting Princeton University as the Microsoft Visiting Professor at the Center for Information Technology Policy.

My research focuses on four areas:

(1) Algorithms, governance and organizations- How are machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence systems reshaping our beliefs and institutions? How does increasing reliance on decisions made by algorithms and artificial intelligence systems shape moral and ethical decisionmaking and the structure of organizations?

(2) Diversity, immigration and polarization - how do demographic changes translate into political and economic changes?  What are the political implications of an increasingly diverse society driven by immigration?; 

(3) Political economy of religion  - What roles do religious institutions and religious values play in political life and shape political instituions?

(4) Visual political communication  - How do politicians strategically communicate with the public through images and visual media?;

In addition to these topics, I also have interests in political methodology focusing on empirical applications of machine learning for text and image analysis, machine learning and causal inference  and Bayesian inference. 


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Methodology Interests

  • Machine learning.
  • Causal inference.
  • Bayesian inference.


Substantive Interests

  • Institutions
  • Political economy
  • Bureaucracy
  • State and local politics
  • Political communication