About the Laboratory


Our translational medicine team integrates various types of data to

  1. investigate risk factors for breast cancer,
  2. discover molecular biomarkers or signatures that can be translated into clinically-relevant modalities, and
  3. elucidate the underlying pathophysiology that predisposes or cause breast cancer.

Our goal is to create tools for personalized medicine leading to reduce cancer risk, incidence, morbidity and mortality, and improve screening, treatment, and survivorship.

We are both a wet- and dry-lab equipped for molecular biology and histology, and computational biology.

We collaborate with our BIDMC breast pathologists, BIDMC clinical oncologists, and the Nurses' Health Study.

TCGA invasive breast cancer annotations (published in J.Path 2017), previously on www.dx.ai/tcga_breast are now located here - http://legacy.dx.ai/tcga_breast/