Summer Intern Projects

Year Student State Grade Mentor(s) Project Title
2017 Rinni Bhansali NY 10 Frank Slack/Lisa Walker Insight into the function of miR155 and its host gene, BIC, in diffuse large B cell lymphoma
  Jerry Han MA 10 Frank Slack/Leni Jacob Characterizing the role of non-coding RNA, NBR2, in regulating expression of neighboring genes, including BRCA1
  Adithya Vellal MA 11 Jan Heng/Korsuk Sirinukunwattana Deep learning based breast cancer incidence prediction in histopathological images of benign breast disease
  Jimmy Lin CA 11 Jan Heng/Korsuk Sirinukunwattana Deep learning detection of morphological and genomic alterations for early prediction of invasive breast cancer
  Katherine Tian CA 10 Jan Heng/Chris Rubadue/Humayun Irshad Automated clear cell renal carcinoma grade classification with prognostic significance
2018 Krish Sharma MA 11 Manoj Bhasin/Swati Bhasin Machine learning based diagnosis using the profiling of cell populations through single cell genomics
  Fiona Dunn MA 11 Manoj Bhasin Identifying genes associated with remission in patients with acute myloid leukemia after dendritic cell vaccination
  Tarun Amarnath CA 11 Frank Slack/Maud-Emmanuelle Gilles Microvascularity after TPN-21 treatment in pancreatic cancer
  Rinni Bhansali NY 11 Frank Slack/Lisa Walker Does BIC have a role beyond hosting miR-155?
2019 Reyna Han MA 12 Frank Slack/Christos Miliotis The oncogenic effects of miR-155HG
  Rakesh Nori CA 11 Ioannis Vlachos Phased transcriptome quantification for bulk RNA-Seq experiments from diploid and multiclonal somatic samples: An application on MHC class I presentation and tumor antigenicity
  Saloni Shah CA 10 Winston Hide/Sarah Morgan Deciphering genome-wide association studies in Alzheimer’s disease


Emily Liu



Jan Heng

Automated terminal ductal lobular unit involution measures and breast cancer risk

  Megan Liu MD 11 Jan Heng

Identification of the differentially expressed genes that impede terminal duct lobular unit involution

2020 Saloni Shah CA 11 Winston Hide/Sarah Morgan Identifying Resilience Mutations in an Alzheimer’s Disease Whole-Genome 
  Wilson Ho CA 11 Winston Hide/Pourya Naderi Characterization of Alzheimer’s Disease miRNA Interactome
  Michael Wong NJ 11 Ioannis Vlachos/Yered Pita-Juárez/Mike Leukam Population-scale characterization of microbiome-host interactions in healthy and neoplastic tissues using next-generation sequencing data
  Eashver Elango WA 11 Ioannis Vlachos/Yered Pita-Juárez/Nelly Kanata Machine Learning Models for predicting cancer associated thrombotic using proximity extension assays and clinical data
  Finn Kennedy MA 11 Frank Slack/Christos Miliotis Post-transcriptional Regulators of PD-L1 and how they Affect Cancer