Summer Internship

This summer internship was started in 2013 by Dr. Andrew Beck. His laboratory hosted high school students (grade 11 to 12) each summer. This unique experience allows the students to experience scientific research and gain generic skills. 

Our high school interns have achieved remarkable success at scientific competitions such as the Siemens Competition and Regeneron STS.  

Taking over the reins from Dr. Andrew Beck, Dr. Jan Heng will be overseeing this high school summer internship program, starting Summer 2017.

High school students in Grades 11 and 12 are strongly encouraged to apply.



Summer 2017

Accepting Application: February 1, 2017

Application Close: February 17, 2017

Application Announcement: March 31, 2017

Number of summer internship spots for 2017: 5 (3 will be selected to join Dr. Heng's team, 2 will assigned to other laboratories)

Instructions are in the application form  **APPLICATIONS CLOSED**