Jasmine Robinson, is a web technology professional with extensive experience in full-stack web development including programming, user interface graphic design, project management and support.

Website: https://jazmy.com

Harvard Courses Completed

  • CSCI E-50 Computer Science
  • CSCI E-11 Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity
  • CSCI E-15 Dynamic Web Applications
  • DGMD E-20 Modern and Mobile Front-End Web Design
  • DGMD E-12 Creative Exploration on the Web
  • CSCI S-3 Web Programming Using JavaScript
  • DGMD E-30 Video Field Production
  • DGMD E-50 Visual Communication Design
  • EDUC E-103 Instructional Design
  • DGMD E-598 Digital Media Design Capstone Proposal
  • DGMD E-599 Capstone Design Studio