B1455 (12 Aug 1958)


Mission B1455 took off in the early morning hours from Adana and few west. The pilot circled over SE Turkey before beginning his photographic mission. The plane flew down the Tigris River through northeastern Syria and northern Iraq, capturing the now-flooded Upper Tigris River valley and taking photographs of Mosul and the ancient city of Nineveh. The mission continued to Kirkuk and Baghdad before turning to the plains of SE Iran. It circled the coasts of the NW Persian Gulf before overflying Basra and heading up the Euphrates River. It tracked the desert road between Iraq and Jordan before turning in the direction of Damascus. From there the pilot turned SE to fly over the oasis city of Palmyra (Tadmor) and then to Deir az-Zor on the Euphrates. The plane flew up the Khabur River to cover the road between Qamishli and Mosul and the airfield at Qamishli. It then traced the border between Turkey and Syria in the return direction of Adana to complete the mission.

Observed film rolls contain cloud-free coverage of the Cizre Plain in SE Turkey; the city and region of Mosul, including Nineveh; sites in the SW area of the Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey; and the city of Kirkuk. The summer time of acquisition means that soils were parched, and therefore soil and crop marks are minimal or non-existent.