B1480 (7 Oct 1958)


Mission B1480 was a long flight that targeted the southern coast of Iran and Karachi, Pakistan.  It departed Adana and flew west past Urfa before turning to the SE and crossing into Syria. It overflew Baghdad but the pilot did not engage the main cameras until the plane had crossed into Iran near Ahwaz. For much of the flight to Karachi, the camera was in Mode 1, a seven-position configuration that sweeps from horizon to horizon, capturing vertical to extremely oblique photographs. The pilot looped over Karachi and then turned off the main camera until the plane arrived near Kerman, Iran. Again the camera was turned off until it arrived in Khuzistan, where it photographed the towns of Shushtar and Dezful.

This mission provides particularly good early imagery of the archaeologically-rich plains of Khuzistan, which were heavily transformed by development in the 1970s and 1980s.