B8638 (10 Sep 1959)

Mission B8638 departed Adana to the west before turning around to fly over Aleppo and the Jabbul Plain. It headed out of the Syrian steppe before turning to Deir az-Zor and then up the Khabur River to Qamishli.  The plane then followed the Qamishli-Mosul road and beyond to Kirkuk, Sulaimaniya, and Halabja. It flew over the western Zagros before turning east to Isfahan and Shiraz in highland Iran. It crossed the Persian Gulf to visit coastal Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, then inland to Riyadh. The pilot turned north to Basra and then Baghdad. It followed the desert road west from Baghdad and then turned to Damascus, Beirut, Tripoli, and Hama.

For data see: Ur, Jason; Hammer, Emily, 2018, "Spatial Index of U2 Aerial Photography of the Middle East, 1958-1960", https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/VD74QX, Harvard Dataverse, V1.