Tell Beydar (Syria)

Settlement and Landscape in the Tell Beydar Region, NE Syria (1998)

In 1997 and 1998, a 12 km radius around the Early Bronze Age town of Tell Beydar was surveyed by a team directed by T.J. Wilkinson.  The survey intended to place this important regional center (ancient Nabada) into its regional setting.  In 1998, the survey of the mounded sites of the 4th-early 2nd millennia BC was supervised by Jason Ur.

The survey recovered 83 sites, 17 of which could be dated to the later 3rd millennium (EBA), a time of widespread urbanization across northern Mesopotamia.  The TBS area is also noteworth for its excellent preservation of EBA tracks in the form of hollow ways.


For Jason Ur's publications on the Tell Beydar Survey, click here.

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