A century ago, in a mostly erased manuscript in Brussels, Andre Boutemy discovered parts of the lost hexameter commentary on Ecclesiastes by the famous eleventh-century chronicler and scholar Sigebert of Gembloux. This paper in progress will show that the commentary indeed survives and is able to be fully reconstructed.
Stover, Justin A. 2011. “The Origin, Meaning, and Development of the Latin Verb Matizare.” Archivum latinitatis medii aevi 69. Abstract
Behind the modern Spanish words matiz and matizar, and their cognates in Portuguese and Catalan, lies a curious Medieval Latin verb, matizare. Using new manuscript evidence, the paper critiques the currently accepted etymology of this word, from Gr. lammatizein, and proposes instead a derivation from L. haematites, while offering a new model for the word's semantic development from the twelfth through the fourteenth centuries.
Stover, Justin A. 2010. “"An Encyclopedia in the Margins: Catena Commentaries, Marginal Glosses, and the Decline of Platonic Studies.” Manuscripta: A Journal for Manuscript Research 54. Abstract
Examining the connection between catena commentaries and marginal glosses to Plato's Timaeus in twelfth-century manuscripts, this paper argues that the decline in Platonic studies at the end of the twelfth century is substantially linked to the broader shift away from lemmatic commentaries to other forms of secondary scholarship in the same period.
Nigel of Canterbury
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Ecbasis captivi
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