Jayson is an Environmental Health Master of Science student at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He is particularly interested in how climate change will affect the atmospheric distribution of air pollutants and the associated health outcomes that result from that distribution change and climate change as a whole. He is also interested in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and management of electronic waste. Prior to attending the Chan School Jayson interned at the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) working on sustainable freight transportation in the SmartWay Transport Partnership. His primary work included writing a training guide for how international sustainable freight programs can use third-party affiliates to expand their programs. Additionally, at the EPA he worked on communication the benefits of purchasing SmartWay designation trucks and trailers to companies, as well working on expanding SmartWay logo usage on designated tractor and trailers.

Jayson has also conducted research in Ghana on electronic waste management. In Ghana, he met with government officials, non-profits, business, and academia to work on a case study on how the electronic waste situation can be best managed for the electronic waste workers health, their income, and the surrounding environment and nearby communities. His Ghana research is currently in the process of becoming published. Jayson is originally from just north of Atlanta, GA and graduated from the University of Michigan. At the Chan School Jayson serves as the Vice President of Communication for the Harvard Chan Student Association, and Treasurer for the Sustainability and Health Forum. In his first year he worked in the Harvard's Environmental Health Department on assisting in air pollution-related projects and was an intern at the Center for Sustainable Energy, a non-profit focused on transforming the energy sector to become clean and sustainable. He is currently an intern at the Environmental Protection Agency, working in the Office of Inspector General on water issues.