MPI_XSTAR: MPI-based Parallelization of the XSTAR Photoionization Program


Danehkar A, Nowak MA, Lee JC, Smith RK. MPI_XSTAR: MPI-based Parallelization of the XSTAR Photoionization Program. PASP [Internet]. 2018;130 (984) :024501.


We describe a program for the parallel implementation of multiple runs of XSTAR, a photoionization code that is used to predict the physical properties of an ionized gas from its emission and/or absorption lines. The parallelization program, called MPI_XSTAR, has been developed and implemented in the C++ language by using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) protocol, a conventional standard of parallel computing. We have benchmarked parallel multiprocessing executions of XSTAR, using MPI_XSTAR, against a serial execution of XSTAR, in terms of the parallelization speedup and the computing resource efficiency. Our experience indicates that the parallel execution runs significantly faster than the serial execution, however, the efficiency in terms of the computing resource usage decreases with increasing the number of processors used in the parallel computing.

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