Piranesi and the Campus Martius

Piranesi and the Campus Martius: The Missing Corso: Topography and Archaeology in Eighteenth-Century Rome, Unione Internazionale degli Istituti di Archeologia Storia e Storia dell’Arte in Roma (Conferenze dell’Unione, 21), with preface by Walter Geerts and introduction by Louise Rice, Milan: Jaca Book, 2011.

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Ichnographia in HR from Harvard College Library

Alleanze e inimicizieAlleanze e inimicizie. L’urbanistica di Roma barocca, Rome: Laterza, 2005. An updated Italian version of the 1989 article “Alliance and Enmity in Roman Baroque Urbanism.”
Opus ArchitectonicumFrancesco Borromini, Opus Architectonicum, ed. Joseph Connors, Milan: Il Polifilo, Trattati di architectura, VII.2, 1998.
Specchio di Roma barocca

Specchio di Roma barocca, with Louise Rice, Rome: Edizioni dell'Elefante, 1991. Premio Letterario Rebecchini, 1992. Reprint 1996.

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