Selected Research and Writing

A selection of work produced during my university years.


“Is Our World More Integrated? The Feldstein Horioka Puzzle Revisited.” March 2020. Senior Thesis in Economics. Revisiting a classic puzzle in macroeconomics to show that our world has become more integrated since the 1980s.

“The Impact of Renewable Electricity Production on Carbon Emissions.” May 2020. Economics Research Paper, Poverty and Development. Determining the impact of wind, solar, and hydroelectric technology on carbon emissions in the U.S.

“Post-Merger Performance Revisited.” May 2019. Economics Research Paper, Behavioral Finance. Investigated the impact of mergers on the acquiring company’s stock price, finding that it matters how companies pay for their acquisition (stock or cash payment).

"The Australian Experience." February 2019. Personal Memorandum. What the U.S. economy can learn from the Australian economy and its experience avoiding a recession in 2008.


“A House Divided: The Pearl Incident in Washington D.C.” May 2020. History Essay, Civil War History. Exploring an incident that could have sparked the Civil War in 1848, 13 years before it began.

“The Warrior Diplomat.” December 2019. History/Foreign Policy Essay, Applied History and Decision Making. Exploring the life of the late diplomat Richard Holbrooke and how he used history in his career.

“Where to Look for the Next Crisis.” February 2019. Op-ed. A short piece on the historical origins of financial crises and risk shifting throughout the financial system.

“A Product of Compromise: Power in Colonial Boston.” May 2017. History Essay, The American Revolution. Maintaining power in colonial era Boston required moderating stances, but also drawing lines that could not be crossed.