Requests for Research Materials

Please direct your requests for research materials to Ms. Chelsea Zabel ( Please include your name, affiliation, referenced paper, materials you would like to request, and a brief statement of purpose in your request.


Appendix Materials

Lerner J.S., Li Y., Valdesolo P., & Kassam K. (2015). Emotion and decision making. Annual Review of Psychology, 66, 799-823. Supplemental Materials.

Lerner, J.S., Gonzalez, R.M., Small, D.A., & Fischhoff, B. (2003). Effects of fear and anger on perceived risks of terrorism: A national field experiment. Psychological Science, 14(2), 144-150. Appendix Materials.

Lerner, J. S., & Keltner, D. (2000). Beyond valence: Toward a model of emotion-specific influences on judgment and choice. Cognition and Emotion, 14, 473-493. The Lerner and Keltner Trait Anger Scale.


Human Emotion

Dr. June Gruber, University of Colorado, Boulder

A video channel exploring the evolutionary origins of distinct emotions, their effects on cognitive processes, and the applications of emotion and cognition research to mental illness and well-being (open in a new tab).