Conferences Organized

The Liber ordinarius of Nivelles: Liturgy as Interdisciplinary Intersection, Radcliffe Institute for
            Advanced Study, March 7–8, 2016

Sign and Design: Script as Image in a Cross–Cultural Perspective (Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C.,
            co–organized with Brigitte Bedos–Rezak (NYU).

FRIAS–Workshop Frömmigkeitskultur und Gebetbücher im deutschen Spätmittelalter. Piety and Prayer
            Books in Late Medieval Germany, co–organized with Nigel Palmer (Oxford).

The Making of a Saint: Catharina of Siena, Tomaso Caffarini and Venice, Constance, Jan. 12–13, 2009,
            co–organized with Gabriela Signori (Constance).

Internationales Kolloquium Frauen – Kloster – Kunst: Neue Forschungen zur Kulturgeschichte des
             Mittelalters. Die Wolfsburg, Mülheim/Ruhr, with co–editors of Krone und Schleier, May 13–16,

Objects of Interpretation: Writing about Medieval Art (A Symposium in Honor of Walter Cahn’s
            distinguished career of teaching and scholarship at Yale), Institute of Sacred Music, Yale
            University Divinity School and Beinecke Rare Book Library, Yale University, March 28, 2003.

The Mind’s Eye: Art and Theological Argument in the Middle Ages, Princeton University, October, 2001,
            co–organized with Prof. Anne–Marie Bouché (Princeton).

Der illuminierte Psalter: Darstellungsinhalte, Bildgebrach und Zierausstattung, International Colloquium,
            Otto–Friedrich–Universität Bamberg, Oct. 4–6, 1999. Director of English–speaking section;
            principal organizer, Frank O. Büttner (Bamberg).