I received my Bachelor’s degree from the National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan) in 2000. Later I went on to receive my PhD in 2012 from Stanford University (Stanford, California, USA). During my Ph.D. research, I has received the DOD breast cancer research program traineeship award in 2009.  From my PhD study, I have published several high-impact papers about DNA damage response and cell cycle regulation on Molecular Cell, a prestigious journal in the cell & molecular biology field.  After graduation, I worked as a Postdoc in Dr. Cimprich’s lab at Stanford University.  In 2013, I moved to Harvard Medical School and joined the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology as a postdoc.

I am currently in the Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology for my postdoctoral research.  My work is to cultivate contemporary computational and experimental approaches for understanding drug-gene interactions in cancers, with specific focus on developing new imaging methods either for high-content/live-cell imaging in researching settings or multiplexed methods for clinical samples. My goal is to elucidate how genetic changes lead to heterogeneous responses of singling network, and to use this information for developing more effective therapeutic approaches.