Social and Sustainable Innovation driven by the Sustainable Development Goals




PIs: Prof. John D. Spengler, Dr. Ramon Sanchez
This course will examine the relationship between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , community problems and current sustainable and social solutions to serve as a starting point for developing new solutions that might serve as the business or social cases for new startups in health, sustainability or social ventures

This course will be taught in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico during January of 2017.  Students from Harvard University will take classes along with students from the Autonomous University of Yucatan and will work in multi-national teams to assess community needs, prepare climate change vulnerability and resiliency enhancement plans, design health and social solutions to problems to serve as the business case for sustainable startups, develop business or social plans for potential investors, engage the community into participating in developing and implementing solutions and in recommending frameworks to enhance sustainable and social entrepreneurship in a community.