Harvard University

Doctor of Philosophy in Population Health Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences & T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Field of Study: Environmental Health, 2019

Dissertation: Bringing Nature Indoors with Virtual Reality: Human Reponses of Biophilic Design in Buildings

Major Field of Study: Environmental Exposure Assessment

Minor Fields of Study: Biostatistics; Behavior, Health and Building

Advisors: Prof. John D. Spengler & Prof. Joseph G. Allen


Master of Science in Environmental Health, T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 2017

Program: Exposure, Epidemiology & Risk

Thesis: Assessing the Physiological and Cognitive Effects of Exposure to Biophilic Indoor Environment

Advisors: Prof. John D. Spengler (Thesis) & Prof. Gary Adamkewicz (Academic)


Certificate in Energy and Environment, Harvard Center for Environment, 2019

Certificate in Geographic Information System, Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis, 2019


Tongji University, College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Master of Engineering in Urban Planning and Design, 2010

Thesis: Study on Evaluation of Land Resources Carrying Capacity for Small Town in Urbanization: Case Study of Dongsheng

Advisor: Prof. Jingsheng Li


Central South University, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Bachelor of Engineering in Urban Planning, 2006

Thesis: Study on Landscape Planning Control System in Urban Riparian Area: Case study of Jinjiang River in Quanzhou City

Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis