Introduction to Neurobiology Course



Teaching Fellow (TF), Neurobiology of Behavior (MCB80)
Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard
Head Graduate TF, Graduate TF
Course Description: An introduction to the ways in which the brain controls mental activities. The course covers the cells and signals that process and transmit information, and the ways in which neurons form circuits that change with experience. Topics include the neurobiology of perception, learning, memory, language, emotion, and mental illness
Responsibilities: developed lesson plans, learning objectives, exam and problem set questions, taught weekly section, graded assignments and projects, led team of 8 Teaching Fellows

Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

Curriculum Fellow for Neurobiology of Behavior (MCB80)
Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard
Description and Responsibilities: collaborated with the Bok Center and course instructors to re-design MCB80 into a flipped classroom: designed in-class interactive lectures, implemented active learning techniques testing multiple levels of student understanding, created weekly hands-on demonstrations and activities, and introduced a student-led concept video project
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Neuroethology Course

Co-Instructor, Neuroethology (BIOSP13545)
Harvard Pre-College Program (for high school students); co-taught with Dr. Kyobi Skutt-Kakaria
Course Description: In this course, we explore a multitude of fascinating animal behaviors as well as the structure and function of neural circuits that underlie these behaviors. For instance, how do honeybees communicate the direction, distance, and quality of food sources located many miles away from their hive to nestmates? Students learn how the nervous system functions and how it coordinates behavioral patterns. Students visit scientific laboratories performing cutting-edge research on neural circuits and behavior, engage and interact with prominent researchers in the field through guest lectures, as well as perform hands-on behavioral research experiments. Through lectures, group activities, and research projects, students develop skills for neuroscience and animal behavior research, including project design, critical reading of the primary literature, behavioral data collection, data analysis and interpretation, and oral and written presentation of their work.
Responsibilities: co-designed course syllabus, created and taught interactive in-class lessons, labs, and problem sets, graded student assignments, organized class feild trips 

Internal States Summer Research Course

internal state

Co-Instructor for Summer Research Program: How to Write a Scientific Review
Virtual online course for Wellesley College and Willamette University summer research undergraduates during the Covid-19 pandemic; co-taught with Dr. Sara Wasserman and Dr. Emma Coddington
Course Description: In this online summer program, students learn about the different types of scientific reviews as well as how to develop and narrow the scope of a review, perform an in-depth literature search, synthesize relevant information from a large body of literature, use reference managers, and write a scientific review for publication. All students contributed to a review on Internal States published in the journal for Integrative and Comparative Biology (see publications tab for link to full review).
Responsibilities: co-designed syllabus, led discussions and taught activities virtually incorporating the iterative design thinking approach from the Stanford d.school, created handouts and content for student work, 1-1 student mentoring 
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Teaching Pedagogy Training

Teaching Certificate, Harvard Bok Center for Teaching and Learning 
  • Problems and P-Sets: Creating and Teaching Questions in STEM
  • Active Approaches to Problem-Based Teaching
  • Public Speaking for Teachers and Scholars
  • Hit the Ground Running: a Seminar for New TFs
  • Fall and Winter Teaching Conferences, Harvard Bok Center 
  • Summer Institutes on Scientific Teaching Seminars (online)


2020 - Present:    Association for Chemoreception Sciences (AChemS)
2020 - 2021:   Caltech Postdoc Association Executive Board
2019 - Present:   Co-organizer, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Symposium
2018 - 2019:   Co-organizer, Harvard Program in Neuroscience Biennial Spring Symposium

2019 - Present:  Society for Comparative and Integrative Biology (SICB)

2019 - Present:  Association for Chemoreception Sciences (AChemS)

2015 - Present:  International Society for Neuroscience (SfN)

2012 - Present:  International Society for Neuroethology (ISN)