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    Lepore, Jill. 2018. “Back to the Blackboard: Do students have constitutional rights?” The New Yorker, September 10, 2018. Article

    Freshman Seminar 62G | The Rise and Fall of the Machine





    This freshman seminar investigates the history of six modern machines—the train, the camera, the radio, the mainframe computer, the personal computer, and the Internet—to trace shifting ideas about the relationship between technology and progress. Machines like these do a lot of things: they document the world; they advance scientific research; they make goods cheaper; they accelerate transportation and communication; they produce knowledge and diffuse information. Do they make the world a better place? Boosters and critics have debated this question since the Enlightenment. This hands-...

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    Harvard Law School | Reading Group | The Second Amendment




    Reading and discussion of the origins of the Second Amendment and its course through the courts as well as in party politics and in American culture more broadly. Course material will consist of both primary documents, dating back to the seventeenth century, and of legal and historical scholarship, including not only on the Second Amendment itself but on the history of guns, gun ownership, gun rights, and mass shootings.