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    Lepore, J. 2003. “The Sea in Me Blood.” Common-place 4 (1). Website Abstract

    "Why, bless me watery soul, are pirates now so silly that the word 'avast' makes people sputter?"

    Lepore, J. 2003. “Reckoning.” Common-place 3 (2). Website Abstract

    "[I]f Joss Whedon, spy in the house of love, isn't willing or able to wrestle with the legacy of slavery, who is?"

    Lepore, J. 2002. “Plagiarize This.” Common-place, 2 (3). Website Abstract

    "[W]hile the New York Times and the Boston Globe are gleefully covering Historygate, is anyone, besides the Weekly World News, talking about history?"

    Lepore, J. 2001. “No More Kings.” Common-place 2 (1). Website Abstract

    "Stanford historian Jack Rakove, who serves as consultant, confesses, 'If you ask from a historian's vantage point, how does this correspond to contemporary scholarship? Well, probably, not that well. But if you ask, what is it that students of this age ought to be introduced to so that they have a rough idea of the Revolution, it's actually pretty good.'"