Aether: Leveraging Linear Programming For Optimal Cloud Computing In Genomics


Jacob M. Luber, Braden T. Tierney, Evan M. Cofer, Chirag J. Patel, and Aleksandar D. Kostic. 2017. “Aether: Leveraging Linear Programming For Optimal Cloud Computing In Genomics.” Bioinformatics, btx787. Publisher's Version
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Across biology we are seeing rapid developments in scale of data production without a corresponding increase in data analysis capabilities.


Here, we present Aether (, an intuitive, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and scalable framework that uses linear programming (LP) to optimally bid on and deploy combinations of underutilized cloud computing resources. Our approach simultaneously minimizes the cost of data analysis and provides an easy transition from users’ existing HPC pipelines.


Data utilized are available at and with EBI SRA accession ERP005989. Source code is available at ( Examples, documentation, and a tutorial are available at (

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Last updated on 12/08/2017