About Me

I am a fifth year geochemistry graduate student in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University working with Sujoy Mukhopadhyay (now at University of California Davis) and Charlie Langmuir.

In my research, I use the isotopic and elemental composition of marine sediment cores to examine interactions between the climate system and the solid-Earth across Pleistocene glacial cycles. I also use cosmogenic exposure dating to constrain Antarctic ice sheet stability over the late Cenozoic.


I will be giving at talk on constant flux proxies in marine sediment cores at the AGU 2016 meeting this December in San Francisco, see you there!

April 13th, 2016: Our new GRL paper about increased hydrothermal activity following rapid sea-level fall is now available online.


e-mail (preferred): jmiddlet [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu

Harvard: 20 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138
tel +1 617-494-9809
UC Davis: 2119 Earth and Physical Sciences Building, UC Davis, One Shield Avenue, Davis, CA, 95616
tel +1 530-752-5360


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