EDU 310, Issues in Urban Education




This course provides students with the historic and sociological perspective required to work effectively in culturally, linguistically, and racially diverse communities. Specifically, this course addresses the historical, sociopolitical, and structural forces that shape urban schools, as well as the teachers, students, and families connected to them. Topics include the sociopolitical context of schooling in the United States, the intersection of racism and schooling as it pertains to urban education (including intergenerational poverty, toxic stress, environmental justice, and segregation via redlining), efforts to develop and deploy liberatory and humanizing pedagogy in urban schools, and the competencies required by educators in urban environments to teach with a sense of urgency, critical consciousness, and humility. Special attention will be given to the close and collaborative analysis of case studies in which educators wrestle with the contemporary challenges and promising strategies affecting students, teachers, and families in urban communities. Course readings and activities will center the scholarship, practice, and activism of People of Color. 
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