Research Projects

Photo credit: Mohammad Danish from Pexels

Current Research Projects

Professional Learning in a Pandemic. Surveying a national cross-section of K-12 educators on how their professional learning needs changed during the year-long disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, with implications for how schools and districts support teachers' continuous learning and development. (with Megin-Charner-Laird and Jacy Ippolito)

Anti-Racist Reading Groups. Using ethnographic observations and semi-structured interviews to document and analyze the content, dilemmas, tensions, and learning that emerge from a 6-session "anti-racist reading group" in a rapidly diversifying suburban community. (with Hilary Lustick, Ashley Carey, and Peter Piazza)

Unlearning Leadership. Drawing on Kegan's Constructive-Developmental Theory to document and analyze the sense-making of recent educational leadership graduates and how they perceived the role of their learning experiences in their development. (with Jacy Ippolito and Megin Charner-Laird)

Beyond Test Scores. Drawing on a unique dataset of student and teacher surveys across eight diverse school districts in Massachusetts, exploring the unique school- and district-level factors that affect school quality. (with Jack Schneider and others

Previous Research Projects

Teacher Diversity and Hiring. Investigating the hiring policies and practices of a small ethnoracially diverse district using semi-structured interviews with a cross-section of district and school stakeholders. (with Travis Bristol)

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