João Silveira is a Brazilian dancer with experience of over 4000 career performances on tours around the world. Trained as a pharmacist, he explores art and science in his work.

Harvard Fellow - Faculty of Arts & Sciences (SEAS)

Resident Artscientist - ArtSciLab - UT Dallas 

Ph.D. in Science Education and Communication -UFRJ

Master of Science Education and Communication - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

Founder of the ArteCiencia project.

Author of the book “Da Ideia ao Aplauso”.


João Silveira is a dancer and researcher in art-science. With experience of over 25 years on tours around the world and 4000 career shows.

Born in southern Brazil in 1980, João started to dance at the age of 10. His professional life as a dancer began when he was 14 years old, performing in shows, creating choreographies and teaching dance classes.

Since then, he has built up a very consistent career participating in both national and international productions, always mixing in boleadoras, folkloric ballet, tap, percussion, traditional music, electronic music and any other style that could improve his performance. The United States, Argentina, France, Japan, Lebanon, Monaco, Paraguay, Uruguay, Germany, and Romania are some of the countries where he has already shown his work as well as more than 300 cities throughout Brazil.

João Silveira is also a pharmacist. With his multidisciplinary background in art and science, João is studying the "Art, artist and artistic interaction with science". The goal is to investigate how interactions between art and science occur, and what are the results of these two fields having dialogue based on a contemporary investigation of projects in Brazil, France, and the United States. This work has been presented in several universities such as Harvard, MIT, Ryerson University and Imperial College London.