Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute: I taught a new course "Dynamic Processes Spreading on Complex Networks" at the AMSI summer school in 2020.  

The lecture notes are available from Github at https://github.com/joelmiller/DynamicProcessesOnNetworks

Penn State: I taught Honors Linear Algebra (MTH220H) at Penn State University in 2012 and 2013.  I was unhappy with the text provided my first year, so I wrote my own lecture notes (2MB).  In designing the course, I put some emphasis on developing tools needed for Fourier Series, so a large part of the emphasis was on orthogonal bases.  Feel free to use these notes for personal use.  If you'd like to use them in a course, please contact me.

UW SISMID: I have co-taught the networks and epidemics course at SISMID for the past 4 years.  Here are the lecture notes from 2014 (5MB), and significantly modified lecture notes from 2015 (4MB).

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