Asking how our patients understand addiction


Jack, H. E., Oller, D., Kelly, J. F., Magidson, J. F., & Wakeman, S. E. (2019). Asking how our patients understand addiction. The American Journal of Medicine , 132 (3), 269-271.


When the President's Commission on Combating the Opioid Crisis declares “addiction [a] chronic relapsing disease of the brain”1 and calls for expanded access to care, within those statements is recognition of the influx of patients with addiction into general medicine settings for chronic disease management. The initial conversations that can shape a patient's understanding of addiction will occur more and more within primary care offices or at the bedside in the general medicine wards. The stakes are high: how patients understand their addiction may shape their health behaviors, relationship with their care team, and willingness to accept treatment.

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Last updated on 07/08/2019