Jonathan Kendall serves as a contributing editor at the Webby-nominated educational site Big Think, where he reviews and assigns stories about the people and ideas that shape America, and the world at large. He oversees content that attracts 35–40 million people each month. Big Think's expert contributors include Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson, Tina Brown, Jonathan Safran Foer, Guillermo del Toro, Malcolm Gladwell, Michelle Thaller, Ronan Farrow, Bill Nye, and more. 

As a journalist, in general, Kendall's witnessed the first marriage between a same-sex couple in Florida, interviewed billionaires and vagabonds, and pondered literary aesthetics with multiple Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, including The New Yorker's Paul Muldoon and The Chicago Tribune's Mary Schmich. 

Jonathan Kendall

His writing appears in the print and online counterparts of Vogue, LA Weekly, Cultured, Miami New TimesAtlas Obscura, Los Angeles Review of Books, Boston Common Magazine, and The Hairpin, among others. He's also blogged on fashion, sports, and the environment for Boca Raton Magazine, the "2016 Best Overall Magazine" in the Sunshine State. Additionally, on top of his master's degree from Harvard, where he studied journalism under Nieman fellows, Kendall holds two other degrees: a Bachelor of Science from Southeastern University (FL), and a Master of Arts from Wheaton College (IL).

While in Cambridge he was part of the club archery team, volunteered with refugee advocacy organizations, and even won a few honors, such as the Best Production Value Award from the Kennedy School's Matthew Baum for his short political video.

Jonathan Kendall