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Jorgenson Addresses Japan Prime Minister Abe and Cabinet

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Cabinet ministers met with Professor Dale Jorgenson at a March 17, 2016, International Finance and Economic Assessment Council meeting. The global economy and finance meeting was organized by the Japanese government as part of their efforts to evaluate growth strategy. (Read More)

ROC President Ma meets Harvard Professor Dale Jorgenson

Professor Dale Jorgenson seated with President Ma

President Ma Ying-jeou met on the morning of August 14, 2015 with Dale W. Jorgenson, Samuel W. Morris University Professor at Harvard University, and Mrs. Jorgenson. Addressing his guests, the president spoke about the recent state of Taiwan's economy, and government efforts and approaches to promoting Taiwan's industrial transformation.

In his remarks, President Ma acknowledged that Professor Jorgenson founded the Asia KLEMS Conference, whose primary objective is to promote the building of databases based on the KLEMS methodology, which analyzes capital (K), labor (L), energy (E), materials (M), and services (S) inputs. The KLEMS database is already widely applied in economic development in countries throughout Asia, and helps compare and analyze changes in industrial structure and productivity. This year's KLEMS Conference will focus on the themes "Structural Changes and Productivity Growth in Asian Countries" and "Asia's Revival—The New Economic Driver." These topics are extremely important in light of the challenges that Asian nations are currently facing in transforming their economic and industrial structures. President Ma said the discussions will provide valuable reference points for governments in policy planning. (Read More or access link)

Harvard Magazine, Sept. -Oct. 2014

Time to Tax Carbon
Enhancing environmental quality and economic growth

In December of this year, representatives from nations around the world will meet in Paris to discuss a global climate-change agreement that would take effect in 2020. Central to those discussions will be setting a price on carbon and its equivalents—a figure that captures the social costs of releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

As the no doubt fraught scientific and political discussion in the French capital nears, the work of Morris University Professor Dale Jorgenson, an economist known for his ability to marry theory and practice, is  especially important. (Read More)