Structural Change in Advanced Nations


Jorgenson, Dale W, and Marcel P Timmer. “Structural Change in Advanced Nations.” Scandinavian Journal of Economics 113, no. 1 (2011): 1-29.


We provide new evidence on patterns of structural change in advanced economies, reconsidering the stylised facts put forward by Kaldor (1963), Kuznets (1971), and Maddison (1980). Since 1980, the services sector has overwhelmingly predominated in the economic activity of the European Union, Japan, and the US, but there is substantial heterogeneity among services. Personal, finance, and business services have low productivity growth and increasing shares in employment and GDP. By contrast, shares of distribution services are constant, and productivity growth is rapid. We find that the labour share in value-added is declining, while the use of ICT capital and skilled labour is increasing in all sectors and regions.

Last updated on 10/23/2013