The Sixth World KLEMS Conference 2021

Virtual Conference Format

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March 9, 10, 16, 17 2021 are the dates for the Sixth World KLEMS Conference, originally scheduled for June 1-2, 2020. The conference will take place in a virtual format, with short sessions over four days.

This will be the sixth in a series of international conferences devoted to research on productivity and growth in the world economy. The Conference will discuss recent progress in the development and application of sectoral data sets on output, inputs of capital (K), labor (L), energy (E), materials (M), and services (S) for individual industries. Productivity of each industry is the ratio of output to all inputs. These data sets are now available for more than forty countries. Many countries publish these data sets annually as part of the official national accounts. World KLEMS data sets are widely used in research on economic growth and structural change. They are also employed in international comparisons based on purchasing power parities.

The World KLEMS Initiative

The World KLEMS Initiative has been set up to promote and facilitate the analysis of growth and productivity patterns around the world, based on a growth accounting framework. At the heart of the initiative is the gradually building up of new databases on output, inputs and productivity at a detailed industry level. Through harmonizing concepts, common standards and classifications, the data is comparable across countries. By sharing information and knowledge, amongst others through conferences and workshops, the World KLEMS consortium is committed to bring this work forward and help it to establish a firm grounding in the (inter)national statistical systems.

Dale Jorgenson, Kyoji Fukao, and Marcel P. Timmer have edited a volume on the development and application of World KLEMS data sets, The World Economy: Growth or Stagnation, published by the Cambridge University Press in November 2016:

The volume also includes research on investments in intangible capital and human capital, the impact of information and communications technologies, and the development of global value chains and trade in value added.

The Fifth World KLEMS Conference was held at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, in 2018. The conference included papers on the major regions included in the World KLEMS Initiative – Asia KLEMS, European Union (EU) KLEMS, Latin America (LA) KLEMS, and United States (US) KLEMS. The conference also included papers on investments in intangible and human capital, prices of information and communications technology equipment and services, and global value chains.

A selection of papers from the Fifth Conference was published as the Spring 2019 Special Issue of the International Productivity Monitor ( The full program of the Fifth Conference is available on the World KLEMS website:

This website includes programs from the five previous World KLEMS conferences, as well as updated KLEMS-type data sets for countries participating in the World KLEMS Initiative:


Organizing Committee:

Dale W. Jorgenson, Chairman
Bart van Ark
Eduardo Cavallo
Carol Corrado
Barbara M. Fraumeni
Eduardo Fernandez Arias
Kyoji Fukao
Jonathan Haskel
Andre Hofman
Robert Inklaar
J. Stephen Landefeld
Mary O’Mahony
Eric Parrado
Paul Schreyer
Erich Strassner