Curriculum Vitae
Jose Del Rio Pantoja is a first year graduate student in Harvard's Chemical Biology Ph.D. program. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Del Rio Pantoja has worked as a research assistant in Dr. Amie Boal's laboratory at the Pennsylvania State University and in Dr. Shohei Koide's laboratory at NYU Langone Health. At Penn State, he has also served as a Learning Assistant for General Chemistry 1, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Majors Colloquium, and Organic Chemistry, and as a Guided Study Group Leader for Organic Chemistry 1.  His research interests include: finding reliable cellular features/markers that can serve as disease signatures for neurological disorders and cancer, development/synthesis of small molecule inhibitors with selectivity for protein targets, and understanding protein interactions at a crystal structure level - protein-protein complexes and protein-small molecule structures of molecules/complexes associated with cellular/biochemical disorders such a cancer or neurological disorders.

Jose Del Rio Pantoja is also very passionate about metacognition and higher education, which is why he aspires to redefine our understanding of STEM pedagogy. All things considered, Jose strives for an education system that accounts for minorities and aspiring scientists coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.