Transforming Education Through Emerging Technologies


Teaching Fellow for Chris Dede. "Emerging technologies have capabilities (supporting distributed cognition, situated learning, diagnostic assessment, psychological immersion, modeling, visualization, collaboration and community) that enable sophisticated and powerful forms of learning, at scale and not requiring personal heroism by teachers. T-561 is suitable for students in any academic program who wish to develop greater knowledge about the ways emerging technologies can both empower learning in and out of classrooms and transform educational organizations. The course presumes only a basic familiarity with computers, and extensive support is provided for learning the specific applications used in class. T-561 emphasizes the theory, curricular and professional development, and assessment strategies underlying the development and application of new interactive educational tools, applications, media, and infrastructures, seen through the lens of design-based research. We will discuss the likely evolution of innovations such as immersive experiences, digital teaching platforms, social media, and mobile learning. We will also examine challenges to educational equity posed by emerging technologies and strategies for overcoming these problems. In addition, we will discuss ways to overcome barriers in using sophisticated learning technologies to transform learning, teaching, and schooling, given the current context of education practice and policy, including examining disruptive theories of innovation. Lab/section sessions will focus on hands-on experiences and support for course assignments. Students will participate in a blended learning community based on a variety of digital media and will complete assignments that can be customized to individual preferences and can include participation in research projects."