Published Papers

Robinson, James A. 1998. “Theories of "Bad Policy".” Policy Reform 1: 1-46.
Robinson, James A. 1997. “Long-Term Consequences of Population Growth: Technological Change, Natural Resources, and the Environment.” Handbook of Population and Family Economics, edited by Mark R Rosenzweig and Oded Stark, 1B: 1177-1271. Elsevier.
Robinson, James A. 1996. “Rent Appropriation and Sustained Growth.” Economic Letters 50: 71-77. Abstract
This paper demonstrates that the introduction of imperfect competition into the labor market can solve the problem isolated by Jones and Manuelli (Journal of Economic Theory, 1992, 58, 171-197), and Boldrin (Journal of Economic Theory, 1992, 58, 198-218), that in economies with convex technologies and finitely lived agents, real wages may not grow fast enough for unbounded growth to be sustained. I show that if wages are determined by a bargaining solution, and if the bargaining power of the workforce is sufficiently high (if they appropriate a sufficiently large proportion of rents), then growth is unbounded. Moreover, the growth path generated by such an economy may improve the welfare of all generations apart from the initial old.