Grünbein continued

Durs Grünbein has given me more information about his learning of Latin, so I'm about to work that into the paper I gave at Marbach in December 2012. The more I explore Grünbein's interest in classical antiquity in general, the more I come to see it as one of his longstanding and significant preoccupations. As for Latin itself, he works hard on it, expanding his range and setting himself new challenges. And of course, translating a text is one way of coming to know it really well.

My colleague, Eric Rentschler, told me recently about Grünbein's collaboration with Klaus Wyborny on not only one film ("Syrakus"), which they have already made, but also another film in the planning stage. Pulling all this together is an exciting task on which I anticipate spending several weeks this summer.

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