Grünbeins "antike Dispositionen"


von and Wolf, Ulrich Bülow Sabine, ed. “Grünbeins "antike Dispositionen"”. DDR-Literatur. Eine Archivexpedition. Berlin: Ch. Links Verlag, 2014. 293-309 . Print.


The essay explores Durs Grünbein's critique of imperialism, with special focus on his translation of Catullus Carmen 4 and the title poem of his volume Koloss im Nebel. Using materials from the German Literary Archive in Marbach (two manuscript pages from the Grünbein deposits there are reproduced), the essay shows how the poet's recent work engages with this theme in classical antiquity. Expanding the range more broadly, the essay also considers Grünbein's writings oin and translations of Seneca, as well as his essay on Hermann Broch's Der Tod des Vergil. By pulling together history, geography, and Grünbein's personal experience in the German Democratic Republic, the essay aims to create a more nuanced picture of Grünbein's engagement with imperialism.

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