Ulrich von Bülow, "my" curator at the German Literary Archive in Marbach, has just finished editing a volume that will appear in September. The title is Archivexpedition; it is being published by the Chr. Links Verlag in Berlin. My paper on Grünbein and classical antiquity is one of the contributions, and I'm very pleased to say that three fascinating examples from Grünbein's manuscripts and typscripts/computer printouts are included in the essay. I'll give more information once the volume has appeared.

Recent scholarly projects

What a busy year it has been! Still, I've completed two tasks I had set myself and am now at work on two more.

First, I completed an essay on Rilke's Elegies and Sonnets, to appear in a volume on Literature and Culture in 1922, edited by Jean-Michel Rabatë. It's not always easy to write on a topic that has been written on so much--including by me! I did have some exciting new ideas, however, notably about Rilke's relation to Goethe's poetry and how it informs the Duino Elegies.

Second, I finished the essay on Grünbein and classical antiquity. This essay is in German...

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Grünbein continued

Durs Grünbein has given me more information about his learning of Latin, so I'm about to work that into the paper I gave at Marbach in December 2012. The more I explore Grünbein's interest in classical antiquity in general, the more I come to see it as one of his longstanding and significant preoccupations. As for Latin itself, he works hard on it, expanding his range and setting himself new challenges. And of course, translating a text is one way of coming to know it really well.

My colleague, Eric Rentschler, told me recently about Grünbein's collaboration with Klaus Wyborny...

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