Option to purchase property valid if exercised within the USRAP 30 year period

The Massachusetts Land Court has held that a commercial option to purchase property may be exercised nine years after the right to exercise the option ripened (because of failure to fulfill a condition by a set date). Pinewood Road, Inc. v. Kuntz, 2017 WL 361172 (Mass. Land Ct. 2017). The court noted the traditional rule that an option to purchase real property "that does not supply a time limit for it exercise must be acted on within a reasonable period of time." This modern rule softens the strict rule against perpetuities which traditionally invalidated options that had no time limit as executive interests that could vest too far into the future. Massachusetts adopted the Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities which requires an option to be exercised within 30 years, but since this option was created after the effective date of the statute, the option was valid and could be exercised.