Working Papers



"Making Rallies Great Again: The Effects of Presidential Campaign Rallies on Voter Behavior", 2008-2016'' (with Hasin Yousaf)


"Measuring the Partisan Behavior of U.S. Newspapers, 1880 to 1980'' (with Shigeo Hirano), 2020.


"The Growth of Campaign Advertising in the U.S., 1880 to 1930'' (with Shigeo Hirano, Jaclyn Kaslovsky, and Michael P. Olson), 2020


"Parsing Party Polarization in Congress" (with Dan Moskowitz and Jon Rogowski) 2019


"Leadership Power in Congress, 1890-2014: Evidence from PAC Contributions and Newspaper Coverage" (with Pamela Ban and Daniel Moskowitz) 2019


"Who Runs for Congress? A Study of State Legislators and Congressional Polarization" (with Andrew Hall and Connor Phillips) 2019


"The Effects of Citizens United on U.S. State and Federal Elections" (with Maria Petrova and Andrei Simonov) 2019


"The Changing Relative Power of Party Leaders in Congress"

Pamela Ban, Daniel Moskowitz and James M. Snyder

February 2016


"Political Advertising in Consolidating Democracies: Radio Ads, Clientelism, and Political Development in Mexico"

Horacio Larreguy, John Marshall and James M. Snyder

May 2014


"Elections and the Quality of Public Officials: Evidence from U.S. State Courts"

Claire S.H. Lim and James M. Snyder

February 2014


"Candidate Ideology and Electoral Success"

Andrew B. Hall and James M. Snyder

June 2013


"A Simple Explanation for Bias at the 50-50 Threshold in RDD Studies Based on Close Elections"

Olle Folke, Shiego Hirano, and James M. Snyder

May, 2011


"Optimal Market Restrictions in Professional Sports"

William R. Dougan and James M. Snyder, Jr. 

1st version, March,1994; this version, April, 2004


 "Campaign Finance Regulations and the Return on Investment From Campaign Contributions" 

 Stephen Ansolabehere, James M. Snyder, Jr., and Michiko Ueda 

August, 2004 


 "Does TV Advertising Explain the Rise of Campaign Spending? A Study of Campaign Spending and Broadcast Advertising Prices in US House Elections the 1990s and the 1970s"

Stephen Ansolabehere, Alan S. Gerber, and James M. Snyder, Jr.