Beyond Cosmology

Besides doing research I have been lucky to do some outreach to the larger community. During my PhD I was a member of the PAGS (Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students) outreach group at JHU, where we went to schools in the greater Baltimore area and showed cool science to young bright minds. As a postdoc I was a speaker at Astronomy on Tap, and collaborated with Science for the Public, a local Boston non-profit.

I enjoy playing squash, and above all, coffee. This is a list of some coffee places I have really liked in different cities, as well as a (completely arbitrary) rating from 1 to 5. I’m compiling this list for my own records, so YMMV.


East Coast

Artifact Coffee 4.5/5 -- Union Mill, Baltimore.

Spro Coffee 3.5/5 -- Hampden, Baltimore.

Stumptown Coffee 4.5/5 -- Washington Park, NYC.

Pitango Gelato 4/5 -- National Mall, DC.

Atwater's cafe 4/5 -- Belvedere, Baltimore.

Bird in Hand 4.5/5 -- Charles Village, Baltimore.

Peregrine espresso 3/5 -- Logan Circle, DC.

Dolcezza 4/5 -- Dupont, DC.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters 4/5 -- Mt. Vernon, Baltimore.

3 Bean coffee 4.5/5 -- Fed Hill, Baltimore.

Simon's coffeeshop 3.5/5 -- Cambridge, MA.

9 bar espresso 4/5 -- Somerville, MA.

Crema Cafe 3.5/5 -- Cambridge, MA. (sadly, it closed)

Diesel Cafe 4/5 -- Somerville, MA.

Longfellows 4.5/5 -- Cambridge, MA.



Rest of America

Comet Coffee 4/5 -- Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Four Barrel 4.5/5 -- San Francisco, CA.

Ritual Coffee Roasters 4.5/5 -- San Francisco, CA.

PIQ 3.5/5 -- Berkeley, CA.

Redhawk coffee 4/5 – Pittsburgh, PA.

Arcade Coffee 4/5 -- Riverside, CA.



HanSo Café 4/5 -- Malasaña, Madrid.

Toma Café 4.5/5 -- Tribunal, Madrid.

Hidden Café 4.5/5 -- Les Corts, Barcelona. 

Satan's Coffee 3.5/5 -- Barrio Gótico, Barcelona.

Monkee Coffee 3/5 -- Tetuán, Madrid.

Urbano Specialty Coffee 4/5 -- Malasaña, Madrid.

Café Doctor Luisito 3/5 -- Canalejas, Santander.

El Oso y el Madroño 3.5/5 -- Barrio Salamanca, Madrid.

Waycup 3.5/5 -- Retiro, Madrid.