Research and Codes

21-cm Simulations

I have been recently working on 21-cm simulations with 21cmvFAST, to show the velocity-induced acoustic oscillations (VAOs) induced in the 21-cm signal during cosmic dawn. See this and this paper for more info.

Here is a cool gif that did not make it into the paper (for obvious reasons). It's the evolution of T_21 in a simulation slice (300 Mpc in size) across the entire cosmic dawn. (z=35-12).


Press Releases

My recent work on VAOs as a standard ruler during cosmic dawn has been featured on the APS magazine Physics and on

My work on millicharged dark matter published in Nature has been featured in the Spanish newspaper El País, in Physics WorldCosmos Magazine, and Live Science, as well as in podcasts such as El Método and Señal y Ruido (in Spanish), amongst others.

Work done during my PhD on microlensing of Fast Radio Bursts, published in PRL, was also featured in Futurity and the JHU HUB.