The Boston Area Moral Cognition Group ("BAM") is a forum for researchers in the greater Boston area with an interest in moral psychology.  This group allows us to take advantage of having so many peers in such a small geographical area who are studying similar issues, making it easy to chat about research and potentially forge new collaborations.  We meet one evening per month and have the opportunity to hear two 45-minute talks per meeting.  Research assistants, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty members are welcome to attend.

BAM was found in Fall 2011 by Josh Rottman, was co-run by Justin Martin and Jordan Theriault from 2015 to 2018 and is now being co-run by Sydney Levine and Indrajeet Patil. Please contact them at (smlevine [at] mit [dot] edu OR patilindrajeet [dot] science [at] gmail [dot] com) to be added to the BAM email list or if you are interested in giving at talk to the group!

All talks will take place at Harvard University, William James Hall (33 Kirkland St.) room 1550 unless otherwise noted. Food is served at 5:45 PM and talks start at 6 PM.


September, 2011: Peter DeScioli (Post-Doc, Brandeis) & Sherri Widen (Post-Doc, Boston College)
October, 2011: Joe Pochedly (Graduate Student, Boston College) & Josh Rottman (Graduate Student, Boston University)
November, 2011: Jennifer Fugate (Post-Doc, Northeastern) & James Dungan (Graduate Student, Boston College)
December, 2011: Mary Kayyal (Graduate Student, Boston College)
January, 2012: Jordan Theriault (Graduate Student, Boston College) & Joe Paxton (Graduate Student, Harvard)
March, 2012: Adrian Ward (Graduate Student, Harvard) & Alek Chakroff (Graduate Student, Harvard) 
April, 2012: Jorie Koster-Hale (Graduate Student, MIT) & Gordon Kraft-Todd (Research Assistant, Harvard/MGH)
May, 2012: Kristen Lindquist (Post-Doc, Harvard/MGH)
June, 2012: Ivar Hannikainen (Graduate Student, Sheffield) & Ryan Miller (Graduate Student, Brown)
July, 2012: Peter Blake (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Chaz Lively (Graduate Student, Penn)
August, 2012: Donal Cahill (Graduate Student, Harvard) & Dave Rand (Post-Doc, Harvard)
September, 2012: Christine Ma-Kellams (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Jon Lane (Post-Doc, Harvard)
October, 2012: Gary Sherman (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Laura Niemi (Graduate Student, Boston College)
November, 2012: Elinor Amit (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Andrew Monroe (Post-Doc, Brown)
December, 2012: Jonathan Phillips (Graduate Student, Yale) & Sydney Levine (Graduate Student, Rutgers)
January, 2013: Regan Bernhard (Graduate Student, Harvard)
February, 2013: Juan Manuel Contreras (Graduate Student, Harvard) & Larisa Heiphetz (Graduate Student, Harvard)
March, 2013: Emile Bruneau (Post-Doc, MIT) & Abram Trosky (Graduate Student, Boston University)
April, 2013: Brendan Gaesser (Graduate Student, Harvard) & Kyle Dillon (Lab Manager, Brown)
May, 2013: Lily Tsoi (Lab Manager, Boston College) & Justin Martin (Graduate Student, Brown)
June, 2013: Chelsea Helion (Graduate Student, Cornell) & Mark Sheskin (Graduate Student, Yale)
July, 2013: Nicolas Baumard (Post-Doc, Penn)
August, 2013: Jared Piazza (Post-Doc, Penn)
September, 2013: Kris-Stella Trump (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Robin Bergh (Graduate Student, Uppsala)
October, 2013: Paul Condon (Graduate Student, Northeastern) & Joo-A Julia Lee (Graduate Student, Harvard)
November, 2013: Nadia Chernyak (Graduate Student, Cornell) & Julian Jara-Ettinger (Graduate Student, MIT)
December, 2013: Mindi Rock (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Lindsey Powell (Post-Doc, MIT)
January, 2014: Kari Britt Schroeder (Post-Doc, Boston University) & Arber Tasimi (Grad Student, Yale) 
February, 2014: Lisa Chalik (Graduate Student, NYU) & Annie Spokes (Graduate Student, Harvard)
March, 2014: Tyler Millhouse and Lance Bush (Graduate Students, Tufts) & Eric Anderson (Graduate Student, Northeastern) 
April, 2014: David Pietrazewski (Post-Doc, Yale) & Jessica Mckenzie (Graduate Student, Clark)
May, 2014: Joanna Korman (Graduate Student, Brown) & Francis Czyzowicz (Graduate Student, Harvard)
September, 2014: Jillian Jordan (Graduate Student, Yale) & Tobias Gerstenberg (Post-Doc, MIT)
October, 2014: Justin Landy (Graduate Student, Penn) & Nate Carnes (Graduate Student, UMass Amherst)
November, 2014: Victor Kumar (Post-Doc, Michigan) & Oliver Hauser (Graduate Student, Harvard)
December, 2014: Christina Tworek (Graduate Student, Illinois) & Sara Gottlieb (Graduate Student, UC Berkeley) 
December, 2014: Marty Day (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Nina Strohminger (Post-Doc, Duke)
February, 2015: Moshe Hoffman (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Connor Wood (Graduate Student, BU)
March, 2015: Kristi Leimgruber (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Alia Martin (Post-Doc, Harvard)
May, 2015: Josiah Nunziato (Lab Manager, Harvard) & Nick Stagnaro (Graduate Student, Yale)
September, 2015: Erez Yoeli (Post-Doc, Harvard) & Laura Niemi (Post-Doc, Harvard)
October, 2015: Ana Gantman (Graduate Student, NYU) & Michael Dale (Graduate Student, Brandeis)
November, 2015: Netta Barak Corren (Harvard Law) & Alek Chakroff (Post-Doc, BC)
December, 2015: Oliver Hauser (Graduate Student, Harvard) & Max Kleiman-Weber (Graduate Student, MIT)
February, 2016: Xuan Zhao (Graduate Student, Brown) & Shari Liu (Graduate Student, Harvard)
March, 2016: Chaz Firestone (Graduate Student, Yale) & Arber Tasimi (Graduate Student, Yale)
April, 2016: Peter Mende-Siedlecki (Post-doc, NYU) & Nina Strohminger (Post-doc, Yale)
April, 2016: Hayley Dorfman (Graduate Student, Harvard) & Brenden Gaesser (Post-doc, Boston College)
May, 2016: Adam Bear (Graduate Student, Yale) & Nadia Chernyak (Post-Doc, Boston University)
September, 2016: Giuseppe Ugazio (Post-doc, Harvard) & Roseanne Sommers (Graduate Student, Yale)
October, 2016: Julian De Freitas (Graduate Student, Harvard) & Stefanie Tignor (Post-doc, Northeastern University)
December, 2016: Ayse Payir (Post-doc, Boston University) & Dylan Murray (Graduate student, Berkeley)
January, 2017: Manvir Singh (Graduate student, Harvard) & Laura Niemi (Post-Doc, Harvard)
Februrary, 2017: Hanne Watkins (Post-doc, UPenn) & Donal Cahill (Post-doc, MIT)
March, 2017: Pooja Paul (Gradudate student, Harvard) & Calvin Lai (Post-doc, Harvard)
April, 2017: John Medaglia (Research Assistant Professor, UPenn) & Chelsea Helion (Post-doc, NYU)
May, 2017: Monica Burns (Graduate student, Harvard) & Young-eun Lee (Graduate student, Harvard)
May, 2017: Eshin Jolly (Graduate student, Dartmouth) & Luke Chang (Assistant Professor, Dartmouth)
September, 2017: Victor Kumar (Assistant Professor, Boston University)
September, 2017: Josh Rottman (Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College)
October, 2017: Tage Rai (Research Associate and Lecturer, MIT)
October, 2017: Jack Cao (Graduate Student, Harvard University) & BoKyung Park (Post-doc, Boston College)
November, 2017: Ziv Epstein (Graduate Student, MIT) & Ximena Garcia-Rada (Graduate Student, HBS) and Sarah Whitley (Graduate Student, BU)
December, 2017: Jonathan Kominsky (Post-doc, Harvard University) & Adam Bear (Graduate Student, Yale University)
February, 2018: Billy Brady (Graduate Student, NYU) & Niamh Mcloughlin (Post-doc, Boston University)
March, 2018: Indrajeet Patil (Post-doc, Harvard University) & Gordon Kraft-Todd (Graduate Student, Yale University)
April, 2018: Daniel Yudkin (Post-doc, Yale University)
April, 2018: Jordan Theriault (Post-doc, Northeastern University)
May 2018: Vlad Chituc (Graduate Student, Yale University) & Lily Tsoi (Graduate Student, Boston College)