Thanks for visiting my site! I'm a behavioral scientist with 10+ years experience in empirical research and quantitative analysis of human decision-making. I'm currently a data scientist at Syneos Health as well as a postdoctoral research fellow at Boston College, working in the Morality Lab, directed by Liane Young, and the Cooperation Lab, directed by Katherine McAuliffe.

My academic research focuses on how we respond when others transgress. In particular, I have targeted two fundamental ways we can respond: With punishment, or by ending the relationship (i.e. engaging in partner choice). I am fascinated by the different ways we use these responses, the distinct psychological processes that underlie them and how these responses emerge in development. I approach these questions from the perspective of the different functional purposes these responses serve and with a variety of methodological tools—including behavioral studies, in-lab and online, neuroimaging and developmental research. 

You can contact me at My Google Scholar page is here, and you can find my publications here and my CV here.

For information on the Boston Area Moral Cognition Group (BAM), please click here.